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 Artists displaying their work on the Shoreditch Art Wall to celebrate London hosting the July 2017 World ParaAthletic Games


 GOTO the VISION's ParaAthletic Games Art

 Michelle Baharier - Dawn Barber - Dwain Bryan - Julie Cordell - David Elton - Lynda Evans - Lorraine Peacock - Sandra Pink
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Michelle Baharier is a greatly accomplished and respected international artist who has an incredible body of artwork and has spent her adult life facilitating opportunity for adults with a range of disabilities to be creative
Michelle Baharier
Dawn Barber is a prolific artist who enjoys working in many different media and has great strength in working figuratively and in abstract
Dawn Barber
Dwain enjoys the art groups he attends and is extremely interested in portraits and working in a range of media. This design inspired many aspects of the final mural design for the Para athletics project.
Dwain Bryan
Julie Cordell is at present studying for an art degree and is developing many different techniques in her practical work. She visits art galleries regularly and finds great inspiration in this.
Julie Cordell
David Elton works predominantly in bright colours creating energetic patterns out of his imagination. David also enjoys print making and likes to live a life full of companionship and variety
David Elton
Lynda Evans is an accomplished artist. She works in bold, bright colours in much of her work but also works in fine detail in drawing compositions. Lynda has worked on a number of murals including the Together2012 Canning Town Mural.
Lynda Evans
Lorraine Peacock is an immensely talented artist who works predominantly in colour, particularly figuratively in oil pastels and is developing her repertoire of paintings and drawings.
Lorraine Peacock
Sandra Pink enjoys working in different art groups and loves the creativity and companionship in the art groups she attends. Sandra also enjoys visiting art galleries to develop  her appreciation of different art forms.
Sandra Pink



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