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Lord Michael Bates unveiled the 'Walk For Truce' mural on July 12, 2012 at 7:30 pm in Shoreditch

created by CODE FC and Jack Haslehurst mural to celebrate Lord Michael Bates' epic 3,000 mile walk in support 

of UN Truce Resolution 48/11 of 1993 which promised a global cessation of all hostilities during subsequent Olympic and Paralympic games
  peter mackeonis welcoming lord michael bates Peter Mackeonis reading a letter of congratulations from Boris Johnson The self-effacing Lord Michael Bates
  Peter Mackeonis welcoming Lord Michael Bates Reading a letter from Mayor Boris Johnson The self-effacing Lord Bates
  It rained at the shoreditch art wall It rained more at the shoreditch art wall Jack Haslehurst  - and his peace flag - with Lord Michael Bates
  It rained and it rained Jack Haslehurst  with Lord Michael Bates
  Jack Haslehurst, Lord Bates and CODE FC Impressive by day - the shoreditch art wall Impressive by night - the shoreditch art wall
  Jack Haslehurst, Lord Bates and CODE FC Impressive by day and by night

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International Artists Code FC and Jack Haslehurst Participate
in 2012 London Paralympic Games' Shoreditch Wall 'Walk for Truce' Peace Mural


Graphic artist Jack Haslehurst and street artist Code FC will participate in the 'peace mural' project for the London 2012 Paralympics to celebrate Lord Bates' 'Walk for Truce' & Baroness Grey Thompson's' 'Plight of Britain's Disabled' on a major wall in London's fashionable East End. Clients have included End Of The Line, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Beck's Beer & Namco's Soul Calibur V.

Shoreditch, London and Santa Cruz, California,  May 24, 2012:- Today, the London Art & Ad Wall Group announced that London artists Code FC and Jack Haslehurst are to participate in their Shoreditch Art Wall (www.shoreditchartwall.com) 'peace mural' project, to celebrate Lord Michael Bates' 'Walk for Truce' and broadcast Baroness Tanni Grey Thompson's 'Plight of Britain's Disabled' for the London 2012 Paralympics.

Code FC, an established graffiti artist, who holds a degree in Public Art and Design from Chelsea College of Art, will show his newest work, entitled '20:12,' at the Curious Duke Gallery in London next month. Code has been weaving his stenciled works throughout London over the past two years depicting Olympic athletes with camcorders and cameras in place of their heads, to show what a large role the media and corporations now play in the Olympic Games, in direct contrast to the early days of the Olympics.


Jack Haslehurst, also from Chelsea College of Art, has an incredible body of work, which is bright, bold and crisp and intended to convey 'peace and harmony' and bring beauty to urban spaces. Jack will also be designing a special flag for the Olympic period, to signify 'peace and harmony,' which will be presented to the various leaders and dignitaries who Lord Bates met with on his trek, as well as to the UN Security Council and U. S. President, Barak Obama. Limited edition T-shirts will also be available with his designs, to benefit the Paralympics.

Lisa Foster, the US-based spokesperson for the London Art & Ad Wall Group commented, "We are happy to be associated with these talented artists who have agreed to donate their incredible work for this good cause." Continuing, "All the participants share the same message of 'peace' and global awareness."

The Peace Mural:

The two themes that will be the subject of the mural for the London 2012 Paralympics will reflect be Lord Michael Bates' recent solo walk across Europe and Asia, meeting with international leaders along the way, calling for all warring countries to lay down their weapons during the 2012 Olympics, as was the practice during the first Olympic games, and Baroness Grey Thompson's endeavor to call attention to Britain's desperate need for wheelchair facilities for it's disabled. The backdrop of the mural will be the beach scene from 20th Century Fox's 1981 "Chariots of Fire," which is to be re-released by the British Film Institute (BFI) to coincide with the London 2012 Games.

SAW - the Established Shoreditch Outdoor Media Venue:

SAW is used by major advertisers, as well as a canvas for new and established artists. Those who have featured on this space courtesy of London art agency, End of the Line and Posterscope,, have included: Beck's Beer, Walt Disney Company for 'Tron Legacy;' 20th Century Fox for 'The Rise of the Planet of the Apes;' Universal Pictures for 'Killing Bono;' the launch of Namco's new game, Soul Calibur V in addition to 'up and coming' graphic artist, Jack Haslehurst and renown graffiti artists, Roid and Horfe.

This high-profile sixty square meter floodlit wall is located in London's fashionable East End, just two miles from the Olympic Village, near great clubs, pubs and restaurants. SAW can be rented any day of the year, by the day, week, or month and has it's own team of professional painters furnished by End of the Line.

For more information, please contact us as below:

In London: The London Art & Ad Wall Group Jane Mackeonis jane@londonartwall.com +44 (0) 7530 152032

In the US: Peter Mackeonis / Lisa Foster peter@londonartwall.com / lisa@londonartwall.com  +1.831.840.3729




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